“I was suffering from a lack of purpose and low self esteem. I was finding it hard to set boundaries with people including my close friends and relatives. I believe the hypnotherapy…has helped me reconnect with my authentic self. I have a better relationship with myself and more respect for myself. Thank you Will for all you have done.”

Positive change

“I was having major problems with a chaotic, overactive mind, which was causing major stress and anxiety. I was in a mess! The major problem was that I was always bringing up memories from the past and worrying about the future, these thoughts were churning around and I was desperate for some peace, calmness and tranquility. I had tried Mindfulness and CBT, but found that these only identified the problem, but didn’t attempt to change it for the better.
After one hour a week for 10 weeks on Zoom with Will, plus my own efforts during the week (homework!), I’m amazed how relaxed, calmer and happier I am. Will left me with his own recordings of what he said during hypnosis, and I continue to use them regularly and hypnotize myself to maintain and further improve my progress.
As for Will himself, at every point he explained clearly what and why we were doing something, he always put me at my ease, consistently encouraging me through the whole thing. He was kind, calm and gentle at all times.
So, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Will as a hypnotherapist, and hypnotherapy as a technique.”